Books by Pulitzer Prize Nominated Author, Vernanne Bryan
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Offering books of fiction, history, romance & adventure by Pulitzer Prize nominated author Vernanne Bryan. This writer creates fiction based in history, books vibrant with romance & adventure & scripts for film & television.VERNANNE BRYAN, PH.D. is an author that sets history on fire! Like a well educated detective seeking the answers to a mystery, Bryan pulls from gut instinct and documented research to create stories that amaze and tease out old creaky myths. Bryan is driven to expose the best of human nature in the very midst of the darker side. One discovers breathtaking adventures under highly dangerous circumstances dwelling in the degradation and destruction of the human light. The author dives headlong into diversified and colorful pasts in order to tell exceptional stories, retrieving not just the villains, but a heritage of death defying heroic retaliations.

Vernanne's technique revives history as literature. Like a well-balanced tennis match, this novelist plays both sides found in the courts of intrigue. In the intricate blending of this approach, one is embraced in the entire human dynamic of the past. The reader becomes a recipient of experiencing exciting historical events while being exceptionally entertained.

This is a sophisticated author that excels in electrifying human relationships for both men and women by seductively revealing the most powerful of interactions. Bryan has just the right instinct to ferret out the all too illusive male/female psyche and like two electrodes brought clashing together, offers up human encounters that smolder and burn. Passions that take place in chilling high risk adventures, often filled with an all consuming mystery under spellbinding political intrigues that are merciless. No character portrayal, real or fictional, escapes the golden treatment of this writer's electronic canvas.

Superbly mesmerizing, thrilling, inspiring, heart-stopping, often romantic, humorous, sometimes haunting, Bryan travels the full range of emotions in a literary journey to the highest pinnacles of storytelling. This is an author whose refreshing contributions continuously exude that living life passionately is the greatest of all adventures.

Dr. Vernanne Bryan is a professionally trained writer and historian holding the Bachelor of Arts Degree in the classic Liberal Arts, a Master of Arts Degree in History and Literature, and a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Humanities. One of the flagship authors for Xlibris Corporation, Vernanne endorses the exceptional freedom of creativity offered in the world of print-on-demand books. Dr. Bryan is also a Pulitzer Prize nominated writer for the doctoral historical novel Tangled in his Glory based on the biography of the world famous nineteenth-century figure, Laura Keene.

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